Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SouthPark: The Stick of Truth Reel

A small collection of character art and cutscene animation done for SouthPark: The Stick of Truth.

Shot breakdown:

:02 - :37  A small portion of all various Player Costumes, Hats, Accessories, Weapons, etc, created by myself, Rose Gomez, Stephanie Dowling, and Jessica Kernan

:38 - :42 Chinpokomon Collectible Items, art assets created by myself and Jessica Kernan

:43 - :50 Created loading Screen to lead into the "Girls Quest Makeover" Minigame

:51 - 1:02 Character Animation for cutscenes

1:03 - 1:17 Created Character art assets for many various NPCs throughout the game

1:18 - 1:21 Created "Karate Randy" Art asset, additional work in cutscene

1:22 - 1:27 Created ambient animations for kids defending the school

1:28 - 1:42 Cutscene animation

1:43 - 1:49 Created Hall Monitor character asset, Animated cutscenes 

1:50 - 1:52 Created all Kindergartners character assets, animated cutscenes for the "Hide and Seek" quest 

1:53- 2:55 Under the direction of Animation Lead Shon Stewart, I animated all player cutscenes during the alien abduction, as well as the Alien Probe Minigame (Success/Fail states), Randy Marsh Alien Probe Minigame (success/fail states), and "Rescue Randy" cutscene.

2:56 - 3:03 Cutscene animation for "Annie vs. Bullies" scenes

3:04 - 3:33 Animated Player cutscenes in the clinic; under direction of Shon Stewart I animated the success/Fail states for the "Player abortion" minigame as well as the "give Randy an Abortion" Minigame